wind storm

a wind-storm in the forest, by john muir

i've been trying all morning to update my blog, but we're in the middle of an incredible wind storm that keeps causing power outages. normally i'm all over drastic weather, but when you're trying to work online and you keep getting kicked off, it's hard not to cuss (yes, i watched it, only FIVE TIMES SINCE BUYING IT).

so with the system being down and blogger's photo uploading bug, combined with my week long sore throat/cold-from-hell, i'm in a pretty nasty mood. i think it's time to forget electricity, light some lanterns, and have a picnic lunch on the living room floor.

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  1. That is some crazy weather. Here in coastal NY we've had a day of heavy rain, road flooding, and some wind gusts. So far this spring is trying to keep up with last winter in being fickle.

    I hope your cold is going away and your throat is feeling better too!