spring and mr. fox

today i'm listening to nice, calm martin simpson, as i rush my way through sewing before my work day closes. i've been putting off finishing my spring collection since it hasn't been going as well as i wanted it to, but enough is enough. it's time to get this wrapped up!

and once i'm done sewing, i'm headed to the store to get my hands on a copy of Fantastic Mr. Fox, which releases today. even though i did all i could to make it, i didn't get a chance to see it while it was in the theaters. since my mother is positive it'll be my newest favorite movie, i'm just going to go ahead and buy it. the book was awesome, the soundtrack is perfect (as always, wes), so i'm pretty pumped.

my mother also sent out a copy of the classic children's golden book "i can fly" recently. how springy and adorable are the illustrations?


  1. Good for you for sticking with it! I missed the chance to see Mr. Fox in theatres too, so I'm so excited!!! P.S. Your mom sounds pretty rad.

  2. What did you think? We loved it (we being the six of us) and it was my husbands first introduction to it. The kids and I have listened to the book tape many times....