i refer to martha for every holiday, don't i?

aren't i original. you guys must be getting bored.

i really did try to get some fresh easter decoration ideas together, but i had a very difficult time finding any. or, i checked two blogs and didn't feel like asking permission to use their photos, so i gave up. i'm terrible at blog harvesting, so i don't know what i was expecting. but if any of you have great kid-related easter craft posts to check out, i'd love ideas.

i'm also hoping to make some handmade gifts to add to the basket of sweet little thrifted treasures i've been collecting (vintage handkerchief, note cards and miniature "wee musician" framed print). i've already decided to make a pin-on yarn flower corsage, possibly a menswear bunny, and maybe the stand up version of the pompom bunny i made last year using the instructions in this video. those were so much fun!


  1. that basket is a real cuppa cute...i saw some super cute garden markers made from old spoons that you stamp with metal stamps on a fun blog called bunnyhillblog.com if your little one likes to plant flowers etc...something a little different and quite easy.

  2. hello!
    you were asking about easter decoration inspiration - i love visiting this collection of crafty ideas
    and if you go back a bit you'll see some easter ideas
    x sonya

  3. I posted a fabric easter basket on my site. http://blog.maggiemakes.com/sing_forever/tutorials.html.
    And this little felt bunny is cute and the tutorial is great. I am about finished with mine made out of corduroy. http://hazelnutgirl.blogspot.com/2009/07/hazelnuts-felt-bunny-tutorial.html