good weekend

(i think sadie likes my wiksten dress)

we had a really enjoyable weekend. how can you go wrong starting things out on friday night with roasted chicken and potatoes and malts while watching "The Blue Planet" by candlelight? the rest of the weekend gave us beautiful weather, a birthday party with the best cake ever, walks to the park, booklearnin', knitting, finishing a super hard puzzle that's been sitting out too long, serious card playing (shipwrecked, to be exact. i skunked doug! he's good though, he is. just not good enough!), and talking. lots, and lots of talking. it's amazing how much there is to catch up on even with the people you share your everyday life with!

also, i'm noticing the light hanging on just a little longer each night as we eat dinner - anyone else noticing that too?

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  1. Funny I noticed the light Friday night. I work 2nd shift in AZ and I left my office @ about 6:30pm and was surprised by how light it was out (unfortunately there are no windows in my building). Congrats on the win!