hey twenty ten, let's not start things off on the wrong foot, k?

i had such higher hopes for this holiday weekend, but in true fales' style, everyone is sick. i don't buy into superstitions, but it's hard not to speculate that twenty ten is here to kick my butt by its rather savage entrance. so far it's been full of laundry, stripping beds, cleaning bathrooms, running to the grocery store (multiple times) and stocking up on the three sick S's: saltines, soup and sprite...

but after his fever broke this morning, doug wrote me the nicest letter about how thankful he is for our family, and it helped me remember those years past where i didn't have us. babysitting into the wee hours on new year's (and crossing my fingers about getting the less-blitzed parent to drive me home) or just watching the clock turn over to the new year on my own - i was waiting for the chance to ring in my new year with someone i love. unglamorous as it may be tearing apart the laundry room for another bottle of bleach, my new years eve was full of stuff to look forward to and a family i love dearly to brave it with, no matter what 2010 has to offer! i'm truly lucky.

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  1. hi elly. i'm a fan of your style. so glad to see that lovely sheet finally make it onto the bed!
    happy new year!