the bed may be unmade

i may still sound like a happy little donkey, the house is an insane mess, and we're eating fast food every chance we get, but...

i'm wearing a beautiful necklace from sarah fox of cursive design. how amazing is this necklace? seriously. i love it. just love it. it's even more beautiful than i expected it would be.

crazy part is, sarah and her sister kristin and our families used to vacation at the same place most summers growing up. while searching through our stuff before moving, i found a card from her parents with sarah's business name mentioned, and through a little snooping around, i found out that both sarah and i had most of the same flickr contacts, but had not bumped into each other on the internets. yet, at least. what a small world!

and even though life is nuts, i did push really hard to get my orders dropped in the post this morning. it's always a load off my mind to know that everything is out of my house and on its way to my customers! now we're just planning on taking it easy this weekend, finishing up some halloween costumes, watching good movies, doing puzzles and getting some much needed rest. mmm, sounds good to me!