one can never have too many plaid shirts

i think i should stop running my mouth about how great our thrift store is, because recently i have been walking away empty handed every visit. i can't complain, this thrift store has given me more treasures in the last couple of months than i've ever found my entire life thrifting. and even though i only spend a couple bucks each visit, it's always good for the wallet whenever i take the time to look through the free bins.

everything always looks better when it's free, and who could pass up this plaid, handmade beauty.


  1. I've seen the same results in sharing my secret thrift locations with folks admiring my wardrobe. I can't seem to resist spouting about how the whole thing only cost me $10 or whatever...

    But you can't talk back to free plaid.

  2. great shirt, sister. and your butt's lookin' good. have you been working out? : )

    the reason you haven't found as many good things at that store lately is because i secretly drove up to montana and bought everything good there.

  3. ami, loose lips sink ships, right?!

    omg jenny, dirty dogs!!! for reals, yo. i totally thought i made it up, but then doug told me what they're called!


    and i knew it was you!!! no but really, i'm going to bring you something good from there when i visit. have you seen anything that i've taken pictures of that you have just loved? every time i buy something, i'll say, "this is for jenny." but then i'm afraid i'm going to bring it to you and it's going to smell like dead people.