trying out the bensimons

one last try - first dress i made myself

one last try - mossimo jersey dress

  • i highly suggest trying on the clothes that you're on the fence with and taking pictures of them. or maybe i highly don't, because now i can't decide whether i want to sell all these or not...


    1. i highly think you look adorable in all of them. and i especially like the blue dress if you decide you want to send it to a new home! ;o)

    2. usually what i do is promise myself a new garment or a new "something" if i'm good and get rid of a lot of stuff. maybe if you decide to sell these, you can use the money to buy a new dress you've been coveting? or a new pair of shoes or a japanese craft book or... can you tell i have a wish list a mile long? ;)

    3. I love the first outfit! And I have the last dress so I guess I must like it, too.