thrifted couch and inspiration clipboards

my sewing room

  • a while back, jenny asked for a tour of my sewing room and i used it as an excuse to finally take the time to throw out what i didn't need, and find places for the stuff that wasn't put away (more like lying in a huge pile on the floor). now that the room is finally starting to come together, i'm afraid to start working in it and making a mess again! once i work up the courage though, i'm sure it's going to be nice to not have to dig forever just to find whatever it is i need for a project. it's so much easier to work in a clean room. you can find the rest of the tour here.


    1. it looks like it would love a little crafty fun mess! love the couch.

    2. what a great space to work! i used to have a whole room to play in, but we live in a loft apartment now (after a cross country move) so it's a challenge to not create a tornado zone every time I work on something.

    3. Oh! You are the Elly that Jenny always talks about on her blog?! I've been reading both of your blogs for awhile but never made the connection before now...

    4. Your work space is amazing! I have a tiny corner in our living room and would love to have a space like yours!
      Your garments are so beautiful...I own one of your Orchard House Tops :)

    5. looks great! i need to de-clutter my sewing room!