polyvorin' it

  • there may be a lack of posting lately, but no lack of activity on polyvore! once i really get going on that site, i just can't stop. now all i can think about is getting some a.p.c. madras pj's and making doug sit through "beach blanket bingo" with me...

    1. these are perfect, elly! i love them all!! and man, that'd be something if you could get doug to sit through that movie! i love those silly 1960s films. have you seen the 1950s film, "gidget?" i used to watch that all the time with my friends. gotta love those teen beach flicks.

    2. yeah, i might have to sedate him for this one. although, if i'm wearing short-shorts, he'd be all about it.

    3. I somehow managed to 'lose' your blog several months ago...and have been looking all over for it since.

      SO GLAD I've found it again...It's wonderful.