the simple beauty of the shakers

found while waiting for the doctor

  • as i was sitting in the doctor's office yesterday waiting to be seen, i did what i always do no matter what i bring to keep me preoccupied - i picked up a magazine. i started flipping through the latest cookie and found this beautiful article about a shaker village in kentucky. i found the pictures so inspiring, especially this one. of course my first thought was that i wish i could get my house to look as simplistically beautiful as a shaker home, and then my second thought was that i need to get my hands on some large gingham print for a duvet for our bed.

    (image taken from cookiemag.com)

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    1. I love this and the other you posted to flickr. I think it's the strong contrast of the black and white that does it for me. The staircase in the slideshow is great too!