three dollar score!


  • doug and i have been working on the house like busy little bees lately. well to be honest, we've been working on the house since we moved in. but lately we've been making that extra effort to complete all the projects that have been ongoing for months. as we finish things here and there, i've seen the transition from just a house to our home - our first real home.

    even though the house is looking more and more finished, the rooms seem a little bare. things like finding lamps and chairs for corners of rooms and rearranging existing furniture until it feels right have made all the difference. one of my biggest goals is to find art that i like and also hang the stuff that we already have. doug is always requesting that i hang more paintings and photos on the walls, and in the past i've had a weird mental block to committing to that one spot where the print should hang - call it renter's resistance. i just keep trying to push ahead while repeating, "this is MY home."

    on our list of recent home related scores: a three dollar chair from the thrift store and a recent delivery of framed prints from my parents!

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