a true boden bobble scarf

a better boden

  • Created: october 16, 2007

  • Pattern: my own, but based on a scarf seen in boden

  • Yarn: one skein of a gold "brown sheep company" wool found at the thrift store for 87 cents!

  • Needles: straight, size 7

  • Makes Me Think Of These Fond Memories: being excited about the coming fall weather every time i'd look at this striking gold yarn while i knit, finding a wonderful video on how to knit a bobble stitch that helped to make sense of the confusing written directions i had found.

  • And, The Not-So-Fond Memories: wishing i had another skein of this wool to make this scarf long enough to actually be worn.


  1. This scarf looks beautiful! I love the color! If I saw one like this in a store, I'd buy it in an instant!

  2. www.tinuvielp.typepad.comJanuary 2, 2008 at 11:47 PM

    I,too, fell in love with the Boden scarves this fall. Sooo cute!

  3. Love love love the pattern and texture, and that colour - wonderful!

  4. thanks everyone! this is really an easy scarf to make and i plan on sharing the pattern (it's really just a stitch pattern) on here if anyone is interested.

  5. Please do share the pattern! I LOVE this scarf!

  6. Great Blog and beautiful scarf I would love the pattern, thanks for sharing the photo

  7. We'd love the pattern for this beautifully simple study in texture!